Wish you were here! An Online Shop that makes a difference

We are presenting first Bowl Filler Siu Ming from HongKong !

After visiting our NGo in 2014 ,Siu Ming’s heart started to beat for the underprivileged children of India. When Siu was back in Hong Kong, she decided to start an online Shop that donates a certain amount of it’s profit for a good cause. At her Online Shop „Wish you were here“Siu Ming is mainly selling unique clothes from different parts of India.

Through the remarkable help of Wish you were Here, we could fix tiles to our Pre-nursery Room, purchase shoes and clothes for the students and buy new doors and windows for the classrooms.She also donated for the furniture of our soon build Kindergarden room.

The tiles of our pre nursery classroom were donated by Wish you were Here Customers!

Above: The doors and window frames get fixed.

Below: Thanks to Wish you were here we could distribute food to women in great need in the rural villages and buy new shoes for our Girls in Karma Village.

Siu Ming is always in touch with us and visits A Bowl of compassion as much as she can. THANK YOU SIU MING!!!! ?


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