Australia! I am so greatful that i started travelling here in  January 2007! In total i almost spent 2 years in this amazing country. It was the perfect place to begin with, especially as an unexperienced traveller. You won´t have trouble to make friends and it is super easy to get from one place to the next one.  Plus it is almost impossible to get lost or to be alone over there, cause you constantly bump into other travellers in every city you visit. In Hostels you will share stories and experienes over a beer and often make really good friends who might be your travel partner for some time.

I always thinking back of the magic moments  and the beautiful time that i had here. This is the place where i decided to not return home in a while. I got the travel bug and after 12 months Australia I moved on to Asia for more adventures.

Also, if you need to save money for some more vagabonding, Australia is a great  place to do so.  I have been back on my second working holiday visa in 2012 and it was still quite easy to find work if you are not too picky. I worked in nursing homes, in a vineyard, on farms, in supermarkets, in a burgershop and in a care center for indigenous people. I would always do it all over again  <3

Here are some impressions for you. All photos shot on film.

Sunset in Pinjara, Western Australia. I worked for a company that built nets to protect the grapes from birds. Below: My former boss. Nice guy!

Beautiful cockadoos in Exmouth

Some of the many  lovely people i met:

Jess from Australia. She travelled her own country in an old Hippie van.

Those Twin Siblings i met in Perth. They are from Wales.

Keleton was Brazilian and we worked together in a vineyard

This 75 year old man was travelling around Australia alone. His wife had past away years ago. He stayed at hostels and made lots of friends on his way

In Broome this kind lady booked a bus ticket for me. We had a great chat after.

Left: In Katherine ,Western Australia i met this indigenous man on the streets. It was a touching moment.

Right: Sarah from London was a highschool teacher who took a year off from work to travel the world.

Two kids from Perth on their way to Scarborough beach for surfing

On this day i drove the car for hours on a deserted road with other travellers and suddenly this horse approached. What a moment! I will never forget!

On the same road we saw this Emu.

Left: Hanging out on a beach in Darwin with another traveller.

Right:  Spotted a cockadoo drinking from a tap

There is so many more photos, but i like these rare analogue shots of these days in Australia. After my time there i started to work for living and not to live for work anymore. Life is too short 🙂

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