Tarte flambée

I met Noel in India. He is one of the friendliest people i have ever met in my life. Really! During his time in Bodhgaya he volunteered for me at Bowl of Compassion. I remember that we were trying to fundraise money to buy new school books for the students of the primary school. Noel then had the brilliant idea to let the children draw postcards that our supporters can buy for 5 Euros in order to help us. This idea was beautiful and soon after we started to inform the people online, we received the first donations. Within 10 days we had all necessary funds that covered the costs for the books. I was so greatful!

We had a beautiful time together and i promised Noel, that we meet again for sure if ever visit France.

And i did 🙂

Noel lives not far from Strasbourg in a town called Metz. I fell in love with both cities for their beauty and fairytale character. The old style houses and sweet alleys with all the cafes and sweet restaurants.. i was in love!

But it was even more beautiful meeting Noel and Marie there who i spent a wonderful time with.  Marie is Noels girlfriend and they both make a perfect match. She is as kind as Noel, which is hard… but i was actually not surprised. Kind people attract kind people 🙂

Noel had promised me to teach me Tarte flambée.

The traditional white Pizza of Strasbourg in Alsace!

I was expecting a lot! I love Tarte flambée !!!

And i tell you: What Noel cooked for me was devine!!

Here is Noel’s simple Tarte Flambee Recipe


200g Wheat flour

125ml water


250g fromage blanc

100g creme fraiche

dash of olive oil

5 Onions, thinly sliced

100-150g good quality bacon

How to start:

First make a dough from wheatflour, 200g and water, 125ml, salt and a dash of olive oil.

Roll it as thin as you possibly can.

Now prepare the spead for the tarte

Add fromage blanc, creme fraiche, das of olive oil, salt and pepper in a bowl and whisk.


Top your Tarte

Spread the white spread onto the dough followed by the bacon and the thin onion slices. Season with salt and pepper!

The Tarte is ready to go into the oven /180 degrees/ 30 minutes

Yum!yum!yum!! 😀

Thank you dear Noel and Marie, i hope we will meet again in the near future! The stay with you was unforgettable!

Try this dish guys! I hope you will like this Tarte flambée as much as i do guys!!

Your Foodvagabond, Michael <3

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