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I took the 24 hour trainride from Hongkong to Beijing.It was a really nice journey. In my compartment i met really adorable chinese people that i had great conversations with and after a whole day on the train it felt we have become really good friends. I forgot to bring food with me on the train and I still cannot believe that they fed me with chinese food during the whole journey. I was really touched. Thanks a lot for that guys.

After 24 hours i arrived to Beijing and i was listening to   9 Million Bicycles from Katie Melua 🙂 I breathed in my first Impressions and absorbed the big city.

The first thing i do usually when i arrive in a new City is having a good cup of coffee! 🙂 Then i write a few words into my diary!  I love this ritual.

Arriving in Beijing i got in touch with Mei via Couchsurfing!
What a pleasure!

Mei is not only a great homecook, but also an amazing person that has travelled the world a lot. She is originally from “Sichuan” and I couldnt believe that she is 42 years of age. She looks like in her twenties for sure. Another proof that travelling keeps you young
While iam writing this Mei is already on her next travel in Paris.

I was constantly asking for a Beijing dish but soon i realised that such a dish does not really exist. Many different parts of China have influenced Beijings cuisine and to name a pure Beijing dish is almost impossible. She brought me to the local market to gather ideas.

Mei decided to show me her very simple and easy ” Spicy Sichuan Noodles” that she knew since her childhood. They are deliciouse and really quick to cook.

Here is the super-easy recipe:

– in a soupbowl just mix:
dash of soysauce
a bit chinese black rice- vinegar
some crushed sichuan peppercorns (not too many)
bit of sesame oil
pinch of salt
chopped garlic
chopped ginger
Sichuan red bean paste
and finely sliced spring onion

Stir all these ingredients well!

Once you have mixed these ingredients together put them on the side and start boiling “Udon noodles” and “Ong Choi Water Spinach leafs” in a wok or a pot.
Make sure you dont overboil them cause they will be too soft quickly.Just a couple of minutes. Keep tasting! ( around 8-10 minutes)
When the noodles are cooked takes some of the noodle water out and add it to the mix in the soupbowl. Then add some noodles to the bowl and at last the chinese spinach leafs.

This is Mei´s supereasy and fast version.She told me that this is the dish that she is making for herself whenever she is hungry but short on time You could add more veg or even meat to this dish. But if you are in a hurry its just an amazing dish.

Thank you so much for teaching me Mei!! 🙂

See you soon for a new recipe! Your foodvagabond, Michael 🙂


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