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On one beautiful later summer day my girlfriend Ellinor and I decided to head to her beautiful garden in “Herne/Germany for a relaxing day in the hammock. The peaceful garden is ideal for recharging the battery. A tiny paradise in the city with no traffic noise or anything else that could be distracting. Just Perfect!

Ellinor´s cat “Rosi” is never really far and and ready to get cuddled. On this lazy day we discovered freshly picked apples from the garden that Ellinor´s mum had just harvested. It just screamed like cooking something!

I was starving anyways and asked Ellinor if she has any idea! She loves potatos and i should have known her answer 🙂

“Reibeplätzchen mit Apfelmus!!! Potato Pancakes with apple puree!!

Not really soemthing for a lazy day we thought, but we were ready to spend some time in the kitchen for this crispy and delicious german Snack!

Time for an authentic homecooked german meal! Usually you get these Potato Patties around December on the Christmas markets. But you can eat them at any time of the year. We always eat them! Yumm!

So this lovely lady here is Ellinor, and she cooked the “Reibekuchen” while i was taking the photographs. I hope you like the recipe! Enjoy! 🙂

And here is the recipe for you, straight from a german home 🙂

For 4 people you will need: 

Around 1-1,5 Kg potatoes

1 big onion

2 eggs

2 tablespoons of wheat flour

Salt and pepper

pinch of nutmeg

Sunflower Oil or any Oil that´s good for frying

How to do it the “Reibekuchen”

-Grate the onion and the potatoes and add to a bowl, followed by the eggs, the flour and salt & pepper plus the nutmeg.

-Mix it all well together!

Now add a good amount of oil to a frying pan and start placing  2 tablespoons of the mixture for each pattie inside. Then flatten the pattie down to your desired thickness. It is important that the oil is really hot when you place it in.

Fry them on each side until they are golden brown. Turn only once.

When done drain the patties with a papertowel to get rid of the excess oil.

They are now ready to eat! But without the apple puree it is only half the fun!

Here is the recipe for the apple puree as well  🙂

Peel some apples and cut in rough pieces. We had 1,5 kg.

Add water (we had 300ml) and a generous amount of sugar to a pot (around 5tablespoons). Add the apple chunks and bring to the boil and then keep boiling on medium heat.

When the apples are cooked use a stabmixer to puree them.

Add a dash of lemonjuice. Done! Eat this sweet sauce to your potato pancakes and you won´t regret it !  I hope you love this german Snack as much as we do! Let me know how you managed to do it!!

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  1. Liebe Ellinor, Deine Reibekuchen machen mir Appetit. Die Fotos wecken Erinnerungen und sind wunderschön. Freu Dich des Lebens und sei herzlich gegrüßt aus dem fernen Berlin, Pipsy

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