Orda Hotel and Restaurant in Ulan Ude

Ulan Ude is by far the most welcoming piece of land that we have experienced during our time Russia. The kindness of its locals is incomparably remarkable. Locals here approach us with their welcoming smiles and open hearts. It feels really good to be here. Actually it is so nice, that we don’t want to leave. But the journey towards India continues.

The Lenins Head is facing the Pub Churchill. There is rumours in the air that nobody will leave this pub without having made at least one new friend.


Connecting with people is the key to awesome travels: One evening after cooking Borscht at Travelers House, we went out to have dinner at Pub Churchill, with all the people from the Borscht cooking session.

We just sat down for 10 minutes, when a friendly local approached us and introduced himself as Oleg. His kindness and humbleness made an impression on us straight away and we invited him over to our table. He asked us many questions about our travels and we happily told him everything he wanted to know.  Olegs curiousness was lovely. In return for our travel tales, Oleg told us a lot about the largest indigenous group of Siberia, the Buryats. It was an amazing cultural exchange. We inevitably chatted the night away and it  turned out that Oleg works for Orda Hotel, which is one of the most renowned Hotels in Ulan Ude. He invited us over for the next day to watch Orda chef Eugene making some gut busting Buuz, the Mongolian Dumpling for us. How could we resist?


Orda Hotel and Restaurant

Orda is not just a Hotel! It is a place that represents the core of Buryat and Mongolian culture. Combine some of the most impressive artworks of the Buryatian Republic, outstanding culinary masterpieces and beautifully designed dining rooms under one roof , and you have got Orda. The name refers to the Mongolian horde of Ghengis Khan. You can feel that cultural connection reflected in every room of the Hotel.

There are several conceptually designed dining rooms, which the guest can book for special occasions. The beautiful designs speak for themselves.

The Buryatian Room

The table is laid
The table is laid

The French Room

The Arabian Dining Room












The Mongolian Dining Room

The Orda Art Gallery

The Restaurant and the Food

At Restaurant Orda you can order a great variety of international dishes from around the world. The staff will do everything to make your stay unforgettable. We can only give you one advice that you will not regret: Go for the Buuz, the legendary Mongolian Dumplings. These juicy fellas will be the tastiest culinary introduction to Mongolia that you can have.


Our conclusion

Orda hotel has it all! Clean and spottless bedrooms, a cultural wonderland, terrific artworks from all over the Buryatian Republic and a wide choice of possibly the best food in Ulan Ude.

And guess what? Even as a backpacker you can afford staying here. The beds in the dorms at Orda only cost 700 Rubel. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Thank you

We wanna say thank you to Oleg Badmaev for your friendship! And also a big thank you Orda manager Eržen Jani for showing us around the gallery.

Also we wanna shout out a big Thank you to Headchef Eugene, who cooked up some Buuz to die for! Click here to see the Recipe.

Headchef Eugene showed us how to make the most delicious Buuz.
Headchef Eugene showed us how to make the most delicious Buuz.




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