To escape from the noise and the hectic rush of Bali’s tourist mile “Kuta”, I spontaneously decided to take the local bus to the beautiful of town Ubud. Ubud is known for being the cultural city which maintains traditional dances,wooden carvings and lots of balinese artwork. I had heard lots of good stories of the “Shanti” Guesthouse on Kajeng Road and made my way by foot from the busstation.

The Guesthouse resembled an oasis with many gardens and small statues in a really welcoming atmosphere! I did not hesitate for a minute and moved in for a couple of nights.
The family of the Shanti Guesthouses is taking good care of their guests and i didnt feel the business vibe that you can often sense in good running places. They really care. My search for a recipe should not continue long, because when my host’s family heard of my cooking plans, they directly hooked me up with two great chefs.I was really happy.
Then approximately two hours later I already found myself in the “Rumah Roda” restaurant and had my first balinese cooking course. Amazing!

The Rumah Roda is a restaurant with the main focus in the traditional balinesischen kitchen. Many of their ingredients are taken from their own herbal garden in the inner courtyard of the restaurant. On her homepage you can get to know in detail about this wonderful family business and its history.

When me my teachers Suti and Wayan Katie had arrived, I was amazed by their warmhearted character. Both women gave me a detailed “Introduction” about the basics of balinese cuisine. Then i had an unforgetable cooking time with two smiling ladies.
Here there is one of my favourite recipes:

Kari Ayam (Chicken curry)

For the curry paste:
1 tablespoon of coriander seed
1 tablespoon of peppercorn
1/4 grated nutmeg
3 cm of piece of fresh curcuma
2 cm of piece of fresh ginger sliced
1 cm of piece fresh Galangal / roughly hacked
4 candle nuts
2 shallots, roughly chopped
1 big red chilli
5 garlic toes
2El coconut oil

For the curry
2 stalks of lemon grass
Salt for tasting
1 litre of coconut milk
4 Kaffir lime leafs
First crush the ingredients for the curry paste with a mortar until you get a smooth paste. (or alternatively with a food processor)
Fry this paste in 2 El coconut oil for some minutes until its getting a darker colour.
Add the chicken’s meat into the paste for 3 minutes and stir.Then add the Lemongras, lime leafs and pour over the coconut milk.
Cook the curry for 20 minutes on a low heat and season to own taste preference.

This dish can be served very well with rice. Carrots or other vegetables can be added to complement the curry.


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