How to get a 6

months Visa for India in

Vientiane laos

This post is for all you disappointed souls out there, who still have to digest the sad news: No more Indian Tourist Visa granted in Thailand! Not even with an agency! Trust me. Its done! At least in 2016. Yeah I know, its really not cool. Gone are the good old days, where we could just conveniently fly to Thailand to renew your Indian Visa.  But let us not be stuck in sadness and get the problem solved! Here is what we did:


So if you are staying in Bangkok right now, thinking of ways how to get the 6 months Tourist Visa for India, then do the following:

  • Book a train ticket for the over night train to Nong Khai. The train 69 departs at Hualampong Train station at 8 pm and arrives in Nong Khai at 6:45 am in the morning in Bangkok  The Air conditioned sleeper costs around 750 Baht, depending if you take upper or lower berth. You can buy the ticket with a travel agent for an additional cost of 50-60 Baht if you don’t want to buy the ticket the train station.
  • After getting your Laos Visa on arrival at the Thai/Laos Border, simply jump into a minivan to Vientiane. The drivers wait for you at the border. Once in Vientiane, check into a Guesthouse of you desire and get prepared for your Visa application. Oh,maybe have a coffee first! If you are good you can get it done in one day!

What you will need for a complete Tourist Indian tourist Visa application


  • A complete and correctly filled out online application form. Not to be mixed up with the 1 month E-Tourist Visa (eTV). We want a 6 month Tourist Visa for India. Here is the URL to the Indian Goverments Website. Scroll down and click on:  APPLY ONLINE. They will guide you through the process. Just make sure to write down your Visa ID which is shown on the top of the page. You will need it for your login later.
  • A  ticket to and out of India. If you want to go one way, many Tourist agencies will reserve a return flight for you for a small fee. Talk to the travel agent and explain him that you need the flight reservation for your visa. They usually know how to help you out.
  • get at least 4 photographs of you taken. The size has to be 2 inch x 2 inch. You can do that while you are in Bangkok too if you are there for some more days. Also get the photograph scanned for the online application.
  • bring a passport copy along
  • there is a chance that you will be asked for a bank statement. It might be a good idea to bring this as well. We didn’t have one but got asked for it. The guy at the Embassy was very friendly and let us sign a document where we had to confirm,  that we have sufficient funds in the bank.
  • bring 42 USD in cash with you. Not Laos Kip! If you bring Kip be prepared for a long walk in the heat.The next Exchange Shop is a 20 minutes walk from the Embassy. ( it looks like a grocery store) We looked like we have had a shower when we came back. Bring USD trust me!

Getting to the Indian Embassy in Vientiane

The Embassy of India in Vientiane is located at:

125 Unit 7, Ban Saphanthong Kang (opp. Wat Saphanthong Neua), Vientiane, Laos
  • You can hand in your Visa application in the morning from Monday to Friday between 9am -11am.
  • Visa Pick ups are in the afternoon between 4pm-5pm. The process takes 5 working days!
  • The Embassy is a bit out of town. You can either take a Tuk Tuk or rent a bicycle for 10000 Kip per day.
  • Most Tuk Tuk drivers will kindly wait for you outside of the embassy until you are done and ready to go back.

If you follow all the steps, you shouldn’t have any problems to get your 6 months Tourist Visa for India.


We wish you all the best

for your visa! Let us know

how it

worked out for you? 🙂






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10 thoughts on “How to Get a Tourist Visa for India In Laos 2016”

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the useful info. When did you apply? I’ll be coming to Thailand in April 2017…looks like I’ll have to go to Laos or Cambodia for a 6 month Indian visa!!! Just realising now Thailand no longer issue visas for tourists!! grrr! As I need more than a 30 day eVisa!

    1. Hey! 🙂 Yes, we are also sad that the good old times are over. We have applied in October 2016 and it was quiet relaxed at the embassy. They might ask you for a bank statement, which was really new to us. But we just said that we cannot get one now and then it was also fine. Let us know how your application goes. And enjoy Laos!! Oh, if you are in Vientiane visit kungs Cafe…awesome Veg Curry! 😀 Best wishes, Michael and Elli

      1. Hey Mariana, yes we got the visa without any problems. Did you make it to Laos from Indonesia? All the best luck!! Laos should be easy! 🙂

        1. Hey guys! We just got our Indian Visa for 6 months! Thank you for all your information! It was really useful 😉
          Infos to add: they are asking for more docs copy that they asked to you. I can send to you guys the picture of the docs list, than you can update your post.
          And since April 2016 they changed the visa prices. For us, Brazilians, the fee was 102USD for each (that was a bit surprise hahahaa).

          1. Dear Marianna, we are truly happy that you got your visa!! Its awesome! Please visit my guesthouse if you happen to be in Bodhgaya, the place of Buddhas Enlightment 🙂 My partner and I are running a school for underprivileged children there.
            And yes, please send us documents and we will update the information 🙂 Thanks so much for giving us feedback!
            Have a happy journey! Michael and Elli

  2. Hello. This is great info from you for the rest of us. Just one little detail. Is it one of those old style 6 months visas where 6 months of stay are allowed? Or is it one of the newer 6 months visas where it says “only 3 months stay allowed, in the period of these 6 months”? Thanks

  3. Hello Pablo,
    the visa is a 6months full stay tourist visa with multiple enntry. But depending on your nationality there might be differences. Did you manage to get a visa for india?

    1. Oh really! So good to hear this. May I ask how many months you got. We will apply again this year 🙂

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