5 Restaurants that  left us speechless in Irkutsk

After 87 hours on the train we have finally arrived to Irkutsk, Eastern Siberia. There is something fascinating about Irkutsk. As an ancient City with a modern twist to it, it is somehow occupying the perfect harmony between old and new. Archaic wooden houses stand next to shopping malls. Being a famous stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway, Irkutsk is great place to meet like minded adventurers. It is here where Travel Tales get exchanged over a beer or two, in one of Irkutsk’s many inviting bars.  You can already sniff the vibe of Asia here and we were truly impressed by the diversity of Culture and amazing Food.  In this article we have highlighted our favorite Restaurants for you.

And here they are!

the 5 Restaurants that left

us speechless in irkutsk

Rassolnik, 3 July Street, Irkutsk

The famous 1960s Soviet Style Restaurant at July Street 3 employs without any doubt, some of Irkutsks most talented Chefs and makes eating at Rassolnik an outstanding experience. Being only a stone’s throw away from Irkutskaya Koshka, the Restaurant is a great escape from the hard beats of Kvartal 130.

Let’s get down to business! Food is what we are here for and Rassolniks menu has a lot to offer. It is not just a menu but an artistic masterpiece by itself. Every single dish is shown with a beautiful photograph. This doesn’t make ordering an easy task by the way. We were really impressed by Rassolniks Farmers Menu, which introduces Irkutsks local farmers and the origins of all products. The Farmers even got introduced with a portrait and short bio as well. This is trustworthiness at its best!

We are in Russia, so we thought that ordering a bowl of Pelmenis might be a good start. And it turned out that it was the perfect decision! Accompanied by a portion of good old sour cream these Pelmenis were heavenly delicious.

Ellinor had a similar experience. She ordered a Borscht, the classical red Soup that has been following us since we set foot into Russia. Check our Recipe of Borscht here!

Usually i can tell by Ellis face expression, that she is craving a dessert. So i decided to order a piece of Russian sweetness for her. I am usually not into sweets at all but the Russian Honey Cake really convinced me! Everything was amazing! A perfect lunch was coming to end and we were totally satisfied for the day. Thank you Rassolnik!

Tochka, Dzerzhinskogo, 11, Irkutsk

It was a Sunday evening when we headed out to search a local Restaurant for dinner. The canteen where we normally ate was closed, so we tried to find something further down Dzerzhinskogo Street. Attracted by the blue illuminated sign that is glowing above Tochkas door, we unerringly headed down to this cozy looking tavern.

The Restaurants building is a historical heritage and one of Irkutsks original wooden cottages that survived the great blaze. Almost nothing has been renovated, as they try to keep the house in its original shape.

Shortly after entering this special Restaurant we realised, that in Russia Love for the good old soviet interior seem to go hand in hand with the creation of amazing local food. The English speaking staff will do everything to make your stay a pleasant one. Start with a local beer from tap and slowly discover the choices that the menu has to offer.

Our Tip: Order the Pelmeni in Sourcream! Not to be mixed up with Pelmeni in broth. A photograph of the dish is displayed on the wall behind the bar. As a desert try the Tiramisu. It was divine! Oh, and if you actually crave some western food, the french fries with homemade Ketchup are exceptional. This Chutney is the reinvention of what we know as Ketchup and will make you forget everything you had before.

Khinkalnaya No 1, Karla Marksa Street 30, Irkutsk

Named after the famous dumplings Khinkalis, the Restaurant Khinkalnaya No 1 on Karl Marks Street makes the neighbouring Georgians proud. We knew nothing about Georgian food before we came, so we had little expectations.

This place made us leave with one big question in our minds:  How can this symphony of flavors ever be beaten? I am not exaggerating when i say, that the big Khinkali Set was one of the best dishes that i have ever eaten in my entire life. The set contains several home made chutneys that perfectly match with the different Khinkali Fillings. I was so fascinated that all flavors were present within the chutney palate.

The Dumplings are served with six mind blowing Chutneys and each of them is a shining star on its own. There are 4 mouthwatering side dishes served as well, such as beetroot salad and rolled up eggplant slices filled with a savory garlic and nut paste.


cafe Buuznaya, Sports palace Trud, Lenin Road 48

For people on a budget!  Our french friends Thomas and Leslie suggested us to visit this tiny Restaurant. They promised us that we will find some delicious Buryatian food there. We needed a break from Pelmeni and coulnd’t wait to try something new. The Restaurant is is well hidden inside Sports Palace Trud on Lenin street. It is indeed not easy to spot. Once you step into the building, watch out for a small door with a yellow banner on the right handside. Below is a photograph of Trud Mall from the outside.

Buryat Cafe is the perfect stop to get a first impression of Buryatian and Mongolian Food. Especially Budget travelers will appreciate this modest eatery for its incredible low prices, its big portions and of course for the beautifully home cooked Buuz, the famous dumplings of Buryatia. Unless you speak Russian it might be a good idea to bring your digital translator as the staff of the Restaurant probably does not speak English. If you haven’t got a smartphone don’t panic. We managed to order great dishes with gestures and bits of Russian. For us this is what makes traveling so beautiful.

Engineeria Coffee, Dekabrskikh Sobytiy Street 44, Irkutsk

The guys at Engineeria Coffee certainly brew their black gold with expertise. This brand new Cafe leaves most of Irkutsks Coffee Chains in the shade and can definitely compete with most western Coffee Metropolises.

This place is coffee heaven! There are no wishes unfulfilled! Even Cake Lovers get their treat of sweetness here. If you are lucky enough to meet Barista Michael, he will passionately introduce you to more than 20 types of coffee beans. And we could tell that he loves his job!

The Wifi is free and nobody will give you bad looks once you have finished eating and drinking .We highly recommend Engineeria Coffee to Bloggers that want to spend some time in a peaceful environment with loads of deliciousness and friendly people. Thumbs up!! We will be back!

let us know which places made you speechless in Irkutsk!

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